Operations - Exploration

Creating Value With Every Ounce Discovered

Federal Mining & Titanium Reserve operates and hold an equity interest in mines and is the first major commercial gold an active exploration program around the world.

Our Vision
"Exploration is the driver of Federal Mining & Titanium Reserve's future.We are dedicated to being the most effective gold, Titanium, Iron, Quartz, Aluminium, Manganese, Black Sand exploration team in the world, based on consistent long-term performance, resulting in high-impact additions to Newmont's net asset value. Our success depends both on a strong near-mine exploration emphasis and dedicated greenfield exploration in the world. Technical ability, strong business skills, internal teamwork and the ability to work with junior and other major mining companies are keys to our success. We continually strive to broaden and deepen our exploration expertise and opportunities through the addition of key internal and external partnerships."

 Our Mission
"Federal Mining & Titanium Reserve's mission is to develop a long-term portfolio of quality exploration projects capable of delivering sustained reserve growth that maintains our leadership in the production

Our People
Federal Mining & Titanium Reserve's worldwide exploration projects are led by highly motivated, experienced explorers who are well supported by innovative exploration and process technology.

Exploration Focus
Our current focus of exploration is around the world principally in South America, with smaller programs in other highly prospective areas. We recognize that there are many other types of profi table and prospective terrains to explore. In addition to our own exploration programs, we are interested in pursuing worthy opportunities individually or with a partner as they arise.

Joint Venture
Federal Mining & Titanium Reserve supporting exploration in seeking out joint ventures and optimizing value from the Company's unrivalled land package.
With our large reserve appetite, we aggressively seek new opportunities and joint ventures with junior partners to fill the project pipeline, The types of agreements being sought, but not limited to, include:
Conventional exploration earn-in
Conventional exploration earn-in with junior retained as the manager
Using exploration technology, such as airborne electromagnetics, to earn equity
Earn-in exploration with private placement
Investment in junior companies through private placement
Exploration alliance with junior explorers

Our Social Responsibility
Federal Mining & Titanium Reserve is committed to operating in a socially responsible manner. We operate globally using a common set of safety, environmental and community relations standards.
Federal Mining & Titanium Reserve has a proven ability to explore for, discover, finance, construct and operate major gold deposits around the world in a socially and environmentally responsible manner.
Our goal is to become the mining company of choice in the areas we explore and operate.

Property Dispositions
From time to time Federal Mining & Titanium Reserve's explorers discontinue exploration on certain properties because they no longer fit the Company's corporate objectives. These properties are then offered for sale, lease or joint venture.