This Policy provides the framework for the development of Health, Safety and Loss Prevention (HSLP) Standards, Procedures and Guidance, which will address the control environment, risk assessment, information and communication, control activities and monitoring of Core Business Processes.

This Policy addresses the intentions and principles of Federal Mining & Titanium Reserve with respect to effectiveness and efficiency, reliability of financial reporting and compliance with laws and regulations to achieve Core Business Activities as follows:

- Strategic and Action Planning: Corporate HSLP will provide guidance and assistance to Regional and Site HSLP strategic and action planning processes that drive continuous improvement.

- Risk and Opportunity Program: HSLP will utilize Federal Mining & Titanium Reserve’s Risk and Opportunity Program to enhance HSLP business performance.

- Five Star Program: HSLP will manage the integrated and discipline specific Five Star Management System and ensure that all applicable operations are assessed according to the standards established within the program.

- Global Safety Collegiate: HSLP will coordinate and direct key global HSLP activities and programs through the Global Safety Collegiate.

- Training and Competencies: HSLP will establish and maintain standardized training and competencies for HSLP positions and senior and general management. Guidance and support for the application of HSLP techniques will be provided through coaching practices.

- Technical Advisory Support: Corporate HSLP staff will provide technical advisory support for internal stakeholders and external stakeholders including peer industries, universities and government agencies.

- Information Management System: Corporate HSLP will establish and maintain a central Information Management System with global access to Newmont HSLP information.

- Assurance: Corporate HSLP will provide assurance to agreed corporate programs through independent assessments, with a focus on HSLP practices.

- Global Health: Corporate HSLP will work with stakeholders towards the management of global health issues, and create sustainable improvement for community health and well being in areas where Newmont and its affiliates operate.


This Policy applies to all Federal Mining & Titanium Reserve managed facilities and employees.

Policy Statements

1.- Federal Mining & Titanium Reserve will identify health and safety exposures and hazards with the potential for loss and community health impacts.

2.- Federal Mining & Titanium Reserve will adhere to Federal Mining & Titanium Reserve Safety Principles, which includes health and safety leadership in all our people.

3.- Federal Mining & Titanium Reserve will implement and maintain a health and safety management system that identifies, assesses and controls health and safety risks.

4.- Federal Mining & Titanium Reserve will identify measurable objectives and targets that will drive the continuous improvement necessary to pursue an injury-free workplace and community health opportunities.

5.--Federal Mining & Titanium Reserve will comply with relevant and applicable statutory and other requirements.

6.- Federal Mining & Titanium Reserve will demonstrate positive behavior in pursuit of superior HSLP performance.

7.- Federal Mining & Titanium Reserve will be reviewed by internal and external resources to ensure that the HSLP organizational goals and objectives are being achieved.

8.- Federal Mining & Titanium Reserve will publicly report its HSLP performance.