Environmental, Health and Safety


We are committed to responsible environmental manage­ment at every stage of the mine lifecycle, from exploration and operation through to closure and reclamation.

Our environmental responsibility includes managing emissions to air, land, and water; planning for closure during operation; and successfully implementing closure and reclamation programs after mining ceases.

All our employees and contractors are responsible for minimizing environmental risks and complying with our Environment Policy.

The challenge for Federal Mining & Titanium Reserve is to perform - in all its activities - in a way in which stakeholders are satisfied and therefore willing to work with the Company in conducting its business. This means creating mutually respectful relationships around its mines and conducting its business through sound and responsible environmental methods.

Managing Environmental Performance
Energy & Climate Change
Air Quality
Water Management
Waste from Mineral Processing

Health and Safety

The initiatives detailed in this section demonstrate Federal Mining & Titanium Reserve's commitment and strong safety focus in all aspects of company business.

Behavior and Culture
Business Excellence
Rapid Response